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Town Hall

Hadleigh Town Hall

Welcome to the Brett Valley Lodge No. 9479

Brett Valley Lodge holds meetings at Hadleigh Town Hall, in Suffolk
part of the Guildhall complex.

Meetings are held on the fourth Friday in September, November, January,
March and May when the Master of the Lodge is installed.

Our Masonic Values:

Truth ... Honour ... Virtue ... Charity ... Benevolence
Fellowship ... Family ... Duty ... Honesty ... Justice

Brett Valley Lodge No.9479 is proud to have contributed to a number of
Non Masonic charities. Please see our charities page to see a number of these charities and links to their websites



The Lodge Room

Click on picture to access their websites.

    Home Start South Suffolk and District
      Porch Project
    Shelley RDA
    Hadleigh First Responders
    The Shelley Centre for Therapeutic Riding
    South Suffolk Leisure - (Equipment Fund)
    FUN Respite Care, Hadleigh
    CRY Screening /  Research Charity
    Children in Need
    EACH (East Anglian Childrens' Hospice)
    East Anglian Air Ambulance
    Hadleigh Resource Unit for Angel Court
    Parkinson’s Disease Society
    Sue Ryder Care
    St. Elizabeth’s Hospice
      St. Mary’s Church Hadleigh, Roof Fund
      The British Red Cross, Hadleigh
    Hadleigh Cricket Club
      Hadleigh Sea Scouts
      Suffolk Leisure Trust
      Hadleigh Girl Guides

Brett Valley Lodge No. 9479


Note     All Rehearsals are at The George
2019 3 19.30 Rehearsal
  10 19.30 Rehearsal
  17 19.30 Rehearsal
  24 19:30 Rehearsal
  25 18.00 Lodge Meeting and Burns night supper
  07 19.30 PC meeting at The George
  28 19.30 Rehearsal
  07 19.30 Rehearsal
  14 19.30 Rehearsal
  21 19.30 Rehearsal
  22 18.00 Lodge Meeting
  04 19.30 PC meeting at The George
    TBA Ladies Night
  02 19.30 Rehearsal
  09 19.30 Rehearsal
  16 19.30 Rehearsal
  23 19.30 Rehearsal
  24 18.00 Lodge Installation Meeting
  31   Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting
  25 19.30 PC meeting at The George
  5 19.30 Rehearsal
  12 19.30 Rehearsal
  19 19.30 Rehearsal
  26 19.30 Rehearsal
  27 18.00 Meeting
  3 19.30 PC meeting at The George
  23   PGL Festival Dinner
  31 19.30 Rehearsal
  7 19.30 Rehearsal
  14 19.30 Rehearsal
  21 19.30 Rehearsal
  22 18.00 Meeting
  29 19.30 PC Meeting at The George




The Masters Pedestal

Click on picture to access link

Links to Grand and Provincial Lodges :-

United Grand Lodge of England
Suffolk Provincial Grand lodge
Essex Provincial Grand Lodge
Norfolk Provincial Grand Lodge

Links to Grand and Provincial Chapters :-

Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Mason of England
Suffolk Provincial Grand Chapter

Links to other Orders of Masonry :-

Provincial Grand Lodge of Mark Masons of East Anglia
Order of the Secret Monitor Suffolk

Links to Masonic Magazines and other items of Masonic interest :-

Freemasonry Today
MQ magazine
The Masonic Charitable Foundation
The Library & Museum of Freemasonry




Antique Masonic Apron Found in Hadleigh


The Brett Valley Lodge is one of two Lodges based in Hadleigh, Suffolk, the other being The Lodge of Virtue and Silence No. 332

The Brett Valley Lodge was founded in 1992. At that time The Lodge of Virtue and Silence No. 332 had a large number of members and it was taking considerable time to reach the "chair" of the Lodge. To alleviate this some of the "Elders" from Virtue and Silence decided the time had come to set up a new Lodge, and received permission to found Brett Valley Lodge.

The Lodge was consecrated on the 15th of October 1992. The Consecration took place in Hadleigh Town Hall, before a company of 72 Masons. The subsequent three regular meetings of the Lodge were held at Raydon Village Hall and from then on at the Hadleigh Town Hall/Guildhall complex.

The Lodge celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2002, producing the booklet mentioned below, and an inscribed shot glass to celebrate the event.

The Lodge uses the Emulation Ritual, as demanded by Suffolk Provincial Grand Lodge. Dinner Jackets are worn for installations and version of the Tyler's Toast, including the last verse of the long version, is recited by the Tyler at the end of the Festive Board.

A banner was made for the Lodge and Dedicated on 23rd of September 1994.

A longer version of the first ten years of Brett Valley Lodge is available in booklet form entitled " The North East Corner Brett Valley Lodge No. 9479 (The early years)"

Brett Valley Lodge No. 9479 has a small library for members listed below. You may wish to make a donation, to a fund for members of Brett ValleyNo. 9479 who are in distress, when borrowing from the library. Please contact the secretary or librarian to secure a volume. secretary@brettvalley.co.uk

Author Title Published
Bailey F. Spirit of Masonry (The) 1957
Burford D.J. Anomalies of the Royal Arch-Craft Connection (The) 1980
Carr H. World of Freemasonry 1983
Carter C. J. Director of Ceremonies (The) 1989
Carter C. J. The Lodge Secretary 1994
Demurger A. The Last Templar  
Dyer C. Symbolism in Freemasonry 1983
Hamill J. The Craft – A History of Freemasonry 1986
Harland -Jacobs Builders of Empire 2007
Horne A. King Solomon’s Temple in the Masonic Tradition 1972
Jackson K. B. Beyond the Craft 1980
Johnson R. Lodge Treasurer, Charity Steward & Almoner (The) 2005
Johnson R. The Lodge Secretary and Director of Ceremonies 2005
Lomas R. Turning the Hiram Key 2005
Redman G. Masonic Etiquette Today 2010
Ridley J. The Freemasons  
Sandbach R. Understanding the Royal Arch 1980
Smyth F. Freemason’s Pocket Reference Book (The) 1983
Smyth F. Pocket History of Freemasonry (The) 1983
Tydeman R. Within the Compass 2004
Wells R. A. Understanding Freemasonry 1991




Interested in Joining ?

Freemasonry is one of the oldest and largest fraternal societies in the world. It provides a code of living based on good moral and ethical standards. It is available to men of any colour, creed or wordly status. It is a non profit organisation supporting charity and service to the community. It believes in family, charity and good fellowship, and provides a number of social functions for you, your family and non Masonic friends to attend.

Freemasonry is NOT a religion, or a benefit society. It does NOT promote social or economic advancement and is NOT connected with any political body.

There are a few basic rules required of Freemasons.

1. You must be at least twenty one years of age
2. You must be a man of good repute, a loyal citizen and obedient to the laws of the land
3. You must not have a criminal record
4. You must believe in a Supreme Being, but may belong to any religion
5. You will be expected to support Charity.
6. You are expected to put family and vocation before your duties to Freemasonry.

If you are interested in becoming a Freemason and would like to know more please use the form below. (Please complete all * items)